ASIA 2017

Revealing Blockchain Sensations


Why You Don’t Want to Miss BlockShow

BlockShow Asia 2017 is your center of the Blockchain universe with the best of what the industry has to offer conveniently packed for you in one entertaining event.

$5 mln ICO campaign was
started and successfully closed
at BlockShow

1000+ attendees
50+ speakers
40+ exhibitors

We are considered the largest
European Blockchain platform.
Now we are focusing on Asia!

BlockShow Asia 2017 is now going global to bring you the hottest startups, ICOs, Blockchain solutions and unconventional sensations. Hundreds of people and many companies have already discovered the wonders of the show with us, and now we are ready to offer you much more.

I don’t wanna miss it!

Prepare to Meet Top Blockchain Experts

The main goal of BlockShow Asia 2017 is to immerse every participant into the exciting atmosphere of the super innovative technology and demonstrate how fast its possibilities extend to various international industries, changing them. This is only achievable with the participation of the brightest experts and practitioners within the global Blockchain scene. During our previous event in Munich, we gained valuable knowledge and insights from some internationally recognized speakers, such as:

I want to be a speaker too!

What Else To Expect?


Blockchain technology has already proved itself useful in so many ways across more than 20 industries within and outside its “native” finance. At BlockShow, we’ll not only explore but also discuss the most breathtaking Blockchain-powered innovations in various sectors, from education to retail.

Showcase - featured product presentations given by global companies and innovative startups from all over the globe

Exhibition - the heart of our conference, with more than 50 companies showing off their solutions and prototypes with major international corporations present.

Competition - emerging Blockchain startups will introduce their solutions by delivering an X minute pitch to compete for the main prize.


A new product launch? The start of a fundraising campaign? Game-changing news from the regional institutions? Whatever it is, it may happen right before your eyes at our conference. Don’t let yourself miss this - you will surely witness a significant moment in Blockchain history.

Panel Discussions - top field experts discuss actual sensations with an overview of the pros and cons

Business Networking Lounge - as always, our event will provide a unique networking zone with a mobile application scheduling.

Workshops - engaging activities, designed to introduce and educate all participants led by passionate experts in the fields of Blockchain application.

Still Not Convinced? Hear out some of the top Blockchain influencers:


Charlie Shrem, Founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, BizDev at Changelly

“BlockShow is really great. I’ve been to a bunch of events in the US and this was my first trip outside of the US in the last four years and had to pick a good event. Cointelegraph is not new to the industry, you guys have been around for many years. So it’s not like there are a few events funded by these new entities that do not really understand what the vision was. Of course, you have to know where you came from to know where you are going. So it is a great choice for you guys to organize the BlockShow 2017. It was super awesome and exciting.”


Paolo Tasca, Executive Director, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies

“I personally think that, in the end, it really turned out to be a great show about blockchain, and you were great in get everyone in the right mood. Both speakers and attendees came from a variety of backgrounds, which had undoubtedly enriched the conference and it also allowed precious occasions for networking. The organization was absolutely efficient, as well.

I pay my compliments for your success and I can just provide a sincere positive feedback about BlockShow Europe 2017.”


Milan Sallaba, Partner at Deloitte, Technology Sector Head

“BlockShow Europe 2017 was a successful event with interesting presentations and panels, and it provided good opportunities to network. We hope to be back next year!”


Marc Ablay, Product Manager at Blockchain Consulting

“It was a pleasure to participate. Overall my impression was great. I liked having the exhibition in parallel to the talks, so I could choose where to spend my time. The diversity of the topics covered in the talks seemed adequate to me. The audience yielded interesting people to get in contact with. The location was central and beautiful.

I would not have changed it a bit if I could. Great job!”

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