Conference Agenda

Important note: current version of Agenda will be improved and modified closer to the date of the event. Blockchain community is rapidly changing and we at Blockshow by Cointelegraph are following current trends,upcoming releases, ICOs and community decisions.

All Blockshow Asia content will be divided into 2 stages:

– First stage will feature all major sensations like: project announcements and product releases, ICOs, panel discussions and a startup competition.

– Second stage is wholly dedicated to discussing Blockchain solutions from different industries (fundraising, retail, healthcare, gaming, transporatation etc.) discussed during 45 minute fireside chats.

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
8:00 AM
Registration, Breakfast and Opening Show
9:15 AM
Keynote: Why Blockchain is a Perfect Match for Asia
9:45 AM
Panel: The Governmental Pattern for the Blockchain Adoption
10:30 AM
Coffee & Networking Break
10:40 AM
(Topic TBA) Blockchain for Academia & Education
11:00 AM
(Topic TBA) Blockchain for Retail
11:20 AM
(Topic TBA) Blockchain for Clearing & Settlement
11:40 AM
(Topic TBA) Blockchain & Banking for Unbanked (Developing Economies in Asia)
12:00 PM
Lunch, Networking & Exhibition
12:30 PM
Panel: TBA
1:20 PM
Sponsor's Exclusive Update (Sensation)
1:50 PM
2:20 PM
ICOscar (ICO competition): Day 1
4:40 PM
5:20 PM
Keynote: Changing people’s mindset: a vital step in global Blockchain adoption
5:50 PM
Day 1 Outlook & Closing
6:00 PM
Exhibition, Networking & Entertainment for the rest of the day
9:00 AM
Registration & Breakfast
10:15 AM
Keynote: How Asian Banks Embrace the Blockchain Technology
10:45 AM
(Topic TBA) Blockchain for Healthcare
11:05 AM
(Topic TBA) Blockchain for Voting
11:25 AM
(Topic TBA) Blockchain for Car Leasing
11:45 AM
(Topic TBA) Blockchain for Transportation
12:05 PM
Lunch, Networking & Exhibition
12:35 PM
(TBA) Panel: Blockchain for Transportation: a Panacea or Overhype?
1:20 PM
Blockchain: Preventing Overdependence on the Technology
1:50 PM
2:20 PM
ICOscar (ICO competition): Day 2
4:40 PM
Panel: TBA
5:20 PM
Singapore: the Center of Asia's Blockchain Investments
5:50 PM
Keynote. Year 2017 for Blockchain in Asia: the Overview & What's Next
6:20 PM
Startup Competition Award Ceremony
6:40 PM
BlockShow Asia 2017 Outlook & Closing Show
7:00 PM
Flying Buffet, Networking & Entertainment for the Rest of the Day