Innovative startups in total

10 are carefully selected for the ICOscar competition, hosted by the BlockShow

BlockShow is a major international conference that strives to make the exciting world of Blockchain more open and accessible than ever before. Our goal is to help Blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world connect and engage with each other: newbies and experts, service providers and their users, startups and investors – we try our best to understand the needs of each of these individual groups and “make it click” for them.

For investors, in particular, we take the hard business of navigating through the hundreds of startups emerging on the scene every year, and do our best to make it easy. We select only the most promising projects to participate in our conference and arrange exclusive investment deals between them and our visitors.

ICOscar, a competition of startups hosted during the conference itself, represents that approach very well, as it provides potential investors with a readily available selection of the top investment opportunities in the industry.

A variety of bonus options for investors ensures that BlockShow can serve as a near-perfect point of entry into the world of Blockchain for every enthusiast.

If you would like to explore the whole multiplicity of our sponsorship opportunities, just get in touch with us. Our team looks forward to working with you to customize a deal that will ideally suit your needs.

Bancor and Status were the winners and raised 200+ mln during their ICO's

They are waiting for you!


Electrifying Asia with Blockchain + Energy


Fast and secure decentralized exchange

iZiing by BTF

BTF is a platform allows crypto holders to diversify investments


Marketplace for developers to seamlessly access new technologies to build better digital solutions

Kainos Technology

Develops digital technology that helps people work smarter, better and faster


The Biggest Marketing Innovation Since The Invention Of Points


SuperBloom Capital is a platform to buy, manage, and trade your ICO investments


Blockchain technologies for Baikal water mining and distribution

Movieschain by TVZavr

Blockchain-based decentralized film distribution platform


The world's first robo-powered pop-up retail chain


Democratizing global trade with blockchain technology


Luxury Access Platform for Crypto-Affluents


Blockchain-based AIaaS and World AI


World's first dating service that uses neural networks and AI


Creates the biggest eSports portal in the world


Takes you from virtual world to reality with the help of blockchain


NΛU directly connects customers with retailers


The Internet We Deserve

United Traders

The High-End Solutions in Trading Technology Since 2009


Blockchain-base green energy trading platform


The new digital decentralised address platform


Platform for secure currency, cryptocurrency and CFD trading