BlockShow Meetup: New Delhi, India

Date: October 5-6
Time: TBA
Venue: TBA

BlockShow by Cointelegraph proudly invites you to the best Blockchain Meetup Journey ever!

BlockShow Meetup is for unique & cool start up projects, investors, business owners, Blockchain & Bitcoin enthusiasts and pretty much anyone who shares an interest in Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

Why Meetup in New Delhi?

Let me explain to you guys why we see Delhi a perfect destination for our BlockShow meetup. With a significant margin of 40%, the rising demand for blockchain technology globally is seeing India emerge as a leading talent pool of blockchain talent.

In India, 56% of the companies surveyed by PwC said that blockchain is a part of their innovation strategy. Harmeet Singh Monga, chief business officer at BlockSmiths, wrote in a statement:

“We strongly believe that India has the potential to lead the blockchain revolution in the South East Asian region and help businesses from various industries become highly streamlined and efficient by adopting blockchain.”

And we strongly believe than blockchain technology is the coolest thing in Indian finance!

Be a Part of ICOscar Competition!

  • If your startup is about to save the world or just making someone’s everyday life a bit easier and you are planning an ICO – ICOscar Startup competition is waiting for you! Register right now as a startup below.
  • If you are investor or simply a Blockchain & Bitcoin enthusiast our BlockShow meetup is perfect choice for you: networking, ICOs, smart Blockchain talks, great food, music and afterparty. You can`t miss this!

What to Expect? The heart of the BlockShow meetup is Q&A sessions with carefully selected ICOs. At the end of the meetup all guests will vote for 2 most promising Blockchain startups.

What is the Prize? This lucky couple will continue competing for a prize of $20,000 (and counting) and full assistance from Waves and Qtum in holding a successful ICO. The final round of ICOscar will take place at BlockShow Asia 2017 in Singapore, on Nov. 29-30. Sounds like a cool chance, doesn’t it? 🙂

Don’t hesitate to submit your pitch and take part in the ICOscar 2017! Without a single doubt, we always choose the best.

The winners of our previous competition were Bancor and Status, which have gathered more than $200 mln during their ICOs!


Who are you?

Let’s get the journey on its way! Don’t be late, only first 100 registrations for each Meetup are free of charge.

Yes, you can enjoy and still keep your professional momentum going. Learn the art of Blockshow Meetup networking. We welcome you to socialize, compete and connect in a fun and casual atmosphere with like-minded people.


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