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What is BlockShow

  • Blockchain Community

    Blockchain startups, investors, founders, C-level staff, lawyers, developers – we have been on the market for long and attract the whole community to BlockShow.

  • ICOscar

    Carefully selected startups will present their groundbreaking solutions. Our previous winners were Bancor, Status, Ehterisc and Solarchange which raised $200mln.

  • Hypethon by CryptoFriends

    Up to 10 very carefully selected Blockchain projects will start their ICOs right at BlockShow offering EXCLUSIVE conditions for our participants.

  • Blockchain Solutions

    Designed SPECIALLY for those who are planning to implement Blockchain in existing business. Blockchain is not only about Fintech. Music, Supply Chain, Medicine, AI, Digital Identity and much more use cases will be discussed by experts in detail.

  • Networking

    Tired of looking for right people during the conference? We offer an inimitable solution to filter all attendees in our mobile app and request a meeting at BlockShow. System automatically chooses the right time and place at the venue. Make deals! Drive the community forward!

  • Blockchain Sensations

    You want to be the first to know the latest biggest occasions in the industry? BlockShow is the right place to hear the biggest announcements right from the stage: Releases of new products, Partnerships, Deals, ICOs.

  • Showcase

    Founders of a variety of established Blockchain projects will showcase their solutions. Perfect opportunity to try the products and services with your own hands.

Why You Don’t Want to Miss BlockShow

The main goal of BlockShow Asia 2017 is to build the bridge between Asian and Global Markets. The times for Blockchain solutions are tough and our mission is unite the community to build consensus among the Global and Asian industry players.

No doubt that the regulations are coming, so our additional goal is to create a dialogue in the community, governments and reach structured and logical regulation rules. This will attract institutional investors to the industry, which means the rise of the market cap to trillions of dollars. Let’s do that together!

  • $200 mln

    were raised by startups from BlockShow

  • 1000+ attendees

    50+ speakers
    40+ exhibitors

  • Hi, Asia

    500+ deals were made at our latest event. Let this figure grow!

— I don’t wanna miss it!

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Prepare to Meet Top Blockchain Experts

Our mission is achievable only in collaboration with the brightest experts within the global Blockchain scene. Take a look at these incredible and internationally recognized speakers who decided to join us in Singapore this November:


    Simon Dixon

    CEO & Co-Founder at

  • Yiji Xu About

    Yiji Xu

    Founder of Nebulas, AntShares, BitsClub

  • Jamie Burke About

    Jamie Burke

    CEO at Outlier Ventures

  • Nick Li About

    Nick Li

    Deputy Secretary-General at Shenzhen Internet Finance Association

  • Wang Binsheng About

    Wang Binsheng

    Investor, Advisor at Blockchain Development Organization

  • Cao Yin About

    Cao Yin

    Founding Partner at Energy Blockchain Labs

  • Matej Michalko About

    Matej Michalko

    Founder and CEO at DECENT Platform


    Ameer Rosic

    Co-founder of Blockgeeks, Entrepreneur and Investor


    Ivan Liljeqvist

    Blockchain Expert at Ivan On Tech


    Anson Zeall

    Chairman at ACCESS, Co-founder at Coinpip, Member of SFA


    Floyd DCosta

    Management Consultant – Cloud, Blockchain Technology

  • David Lee About

    David Lee

    Professor, Entrepreneur, Director and Advisor at LeftCoast

  • Alexander Ivanov About

    Alexander Ivanov

    CEO at Waves Platform


    Llew Claasen

    Executive Director at Bitcoin Foundation & Venture Capitalist

  • Patrice Choong About

    Patrice Choong

    Director at The Sandbox

  • Marcelo García Casil About

    Marcelo García Casil

    CEO of Maecenas

  • Cris Tran About

    Cris Tran

    Director of Projects (Executive) Vietnam

  • About

    David Moskowitz

    Project Head at Indorse


    Simon Phipps

    Head of Asia & Global Development, Blockchain Lead at The Digital Insurer

  • Leif Nissen Lundbæk About

    Leif-Nissen Lundbæk

    CEO of XAIN

  • Pradeep Goel About

    Pradeep Goel

    CEO at Solve.Care Foundation

  • Shaun Djie About

    Shaun Djie

    Co-founder at DigixGlobal

  • Feller Sloan About

    Feller Sloan

    Founder and CEO at Atmatrix

  • Henry Wang About

    Henry Wang

    Founder and CEO of Firefly Mesh

— I want to be a speaker too!

Have a blockchain idea?

ICOscar is a Startup Competition dedicated to revealing the most promising Blockchain projects planning to do an ICO. The most promising ICO according to the people’s choice will be revealed at Blockshow Asia 2017 Powered by Cointelegraph on the second day — November 30.

Fight for the main prize $20,000 and full assistance from Waves platform in holding a successful ICO.

Wanna some ICO?

Hypethon on BlockShow means 10 carefully selected, innovative Blockchain-based startups launching their ICOs right at BlockShow Asia on November 29-30 offering exclusive conditions to its supporters.

Hypethon will take place in the exhibition hall with it’s own separate zone dedicated to launching selected ICOs. Before each launch, they will have a Q&A with experts and participants. Stadning face-to-face to potentail backers, projects’ foudners wil answer any questions they will be asked. After the end of the Q&A, a bell ring will mark the begining of the ICO. Every BlockShow participant will be able to support projects offering exclusive conditions.


— I got to be there!

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Still not convinced? Hear out some of the top Blockchain influencers


      Charlie Shrem, Founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, BizDev at Changelly

    • “BlockShow is really great. I’ve been to a bunch of events in the US and this was my first trip outside of the US in the last four years and had to pick a good event. Cointelegraph is not new to the industry, you guys have been around for many years. So it’s not like there are a few events funded by these new entities that do not really understand what the vision was. Of course, you have to know where you came from to know where you are going. So it is a great choice for you guys to organize the BlockShow 2017. It was super awesome and exciting.”

    • PAOLO TASCA About

      Paolo Tasca, Executive Director, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies

    • “I personally think that, in the end, it really turned out to be a great show about blockchain, and you were great in get everyone in the right mood. Both speakers and attendees came from a variety of backgrounds, which had undoubtedly enriched the conference and it also allowed precious occasions for networking. The organization was absolutely efficient, as well.

      I pay my compliments for your success and I can just provide a sincere positive feedback about BlockShow Europe 2017.”

    • MARC ABLAY About

      Marc Ablay, Product Manager at Blockchain Consulting

    • “It was a pleasure to participate. Overall my impression was great. I liked having the exhibition in parallel to the talks, so I could choose where to spend my time. The diversity of the topics covered in the talks seemed adequate to me. The audience yielded interesting people to get in contact with. The location was central and beautiful.

      I would not have changed it a bit if I could. Great job!”

What else to expect?

  • Famous Blockchain bloggers

    **2mln+ views** were reached by such guys as Ivan on Tech and Ameer Rosic only – well known vloggers providing education, opinion and news to millions! You’ll have an opportunity to meet them face to face and get their experience, knowledge and vision.

  • Workshops – For those who would like to have a deep discussion with on a particular subject. Organized right after the main BlockShow event.

  • Pre-Parties and Afterparties

    Pools, rooftops, skyscrapers – that’s about the networking parties we will provide for you together with our sponsors. Get ready to party hard! 😉

  • Singapore is gorgeous! – Great weather, skyscrapers, The Merlion, Universal Park, Trees and grass everywhere – it’s about Singapore. And of course cuisine – it’s incredibly delicious!

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